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Good Luck Spell

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There are times in your life when you feel that everything you touch turns to dust. For some reason, you simply can’t do right for doing wrong. When bad luck strikes, it doesn’t take long for you to feel as if negotiating life is like wading thigh-deep through thick mud. And, just like deep mud, the harder you try to free yourself, the worse things become.

As the evil spirits circle like vultures from another dimension, the feeling that you will never be the lucky one shrouds you like a dark heavy mantle. Yet the bad news is, you are probably right. The heavier the cloud of evil spirits, the denser it becomes, until one day you wake and find nothing in your life is going right.

Maybe you just missed out on that promotion that you not only desperately needed but also deserved. Perhaps the kids were destined to do well in exams, and then, suddenly, your straight-A students bomb out for no reason at all. Where once their future looked predictably stable now, it seems frighteningly insecure.

Have you just missed out on a big Lotto win…again? And then found the car scraped when you came out of the Mall? Is the dog constantly sick and the cat absent without leave? Then why not let Lady Luck into your life by ordering my Good Luck spell. It really does work like a charm.

Watch the kids sail through college. Get the promotion or new job without really trying. Have a few straight wins on the Lotto or scratch cards. And live with a spouse who only ever has eyes for you.

My Good Luck spell can bring you all this and more. It clears the clouds of negativity that surround you and encircles you with a gold aura to attract not only the shiny stuff but much, much more.

All my Santeria spells and services are covered by my 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee. Click here for details.

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1 Orisha $139, 7 Orishas $199, 14 Orishas $279

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Strength Options

Selecting the right Strength Option for you Case

Option 1 - One Orisha Strength Option $49

Your spell will be cast by petitioning your wishes to 1 Orisha (Spirit). This strength level is suitable for most cases, especially ones that are not complicated or complex.

Option 2 - Seven Orishas Strength Option $99

This is my most popular strength option. Your spell will be cast by petitioning your wishes to 7 Orishas (Spirits). Choose this strength option if your case is difficult, or if you are in need of stronger and more potent results.

Option 3 - Fourteen Orishas Strength Option $159

This is my most influential and powerful strength option. Your spell will be cast by petitioning your wishes to 14 Orishas (Spirits). It is best suited for those clients that have severe, complicated, and complex cases and desire potent and permanent results.

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